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1. Drainage system on the same floor for basements, suites, and overall bathrooms
2. Long-term care centers and medical building bathroom drainage system on the same floor
3. Power drainage system for residences, commercial offices, shopping streets, historic sites, military dependent villages
4. Old house renovation, coffee shop, beverage shop power drainage system planning
5. Large-scale commercial sites, gas stations, supermarket effluent and waste water discharge system engineering planning
6. Residential buildings connected to municipal sewage sewer drainage power system planning
7. Construction of smart water level monitoring system, smart irrigation system, customized smart monitoring system
8. Green Energy Sterilization and Deodorization Oxygen Water Machine (Faucet installed and used immediately)

Our Servies


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HOSHINGLOBAL is proud to provide system solution integration for power transmission and treatment related to water resources. It combines research and development, design, installation, maintenance, and repair to provide our customers with one-stop professional services. We firmly believe " We will make it different with our elaboration. "

With the integration concept of "IOT", we apply industrial Internet technologies into the transportation and treatment of water resources. Through SMART technology management, we provide complete monitoring system from the beginning to the treatment, recycling and reuse after use, which not only saves water, but also improves the efficiency of water use, and contributes to the increasingly scarce water resources and the earth's environmental protection.

  • Drainage on the same floor

    Drainage on the same floor

  • Easy to install

    Easy to install

  • Save space

    Save space

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